Filling out a federal grant application

is a special kind of hell. 


I love our nursery. I feel a little ridiculous dedicating one entire room of our two bedroom apartment to a baby who won’t use it for several months. (All of us, Molly included, will likely be sleeping in our room for awhile. Yeesh.) 

But I love it. So when the light was especially pretty this morning, I took some pictures.


Me, in all my full term glory, and creeper Molly.


I think this rug from CB2 is glorious. The crib and daybed are from IKEA, and the daybed will - crazily - pull out into a king. So we still have room for visitors.


The rocker and bookshelf/changing table are secondhand from Kevin’s parents. And we’ve had that lamp forever.


The mobile was ordered from maybe my favorite museum - The Walker Center in Minneapolis. The picture behind it is from a trip to Banff, Canada.


We bought an Amish quilt from an antique shop in Indiana to use on the daybed. The boppy cover is from an Etsy shop. It’s adorable but is, according to Kevin, impossible to get off and on the pillow, so we’re not allowed to spill anything on it ever. We bought the “sleepy mouse” toy in Quebec City.



The shelf above the changing table has on it a photo of me as a baby, Kevin as a baby, me on the first day of college - the day we met, and some owl decorations from our baby shower. The hippo painting is from our trip to Paris.


All of the pictures and paintings, except the hippo one from the previous photo, were already in this room. We buy them when we travel. On this wall, from the left, the pictures are from Chicago, Phoenix, Costa Rica, Indianapolis, and Chicago, ahem, painted by me (at one of those wine + painting class things). Oh, and the star was a gift from a student in my days as a high school teacher.


AND, when I’m not taking photos, two bags - my stuff, baby stuff - are in there, packed and waiting. I think they’ll be sitting there for a few more weeks…but we’re READY!

Anyone need a new blog to follow?

I recently found “reading my tea leaves.” She’s not on Tumblr, but if you have a list of stand-alone blogs you read, may I recommend you add her? She writes well and takes really beautiful pictures.

Here's a link to a recent post I LOVED about creating a minimalist wardrobe. I'm in.

I’m always looking for new ways to waste time online, so feel free to return the favor and send me links you love!


I say: Waaaaah waaaaaah. I’m strep B positive, a diagnoses that carries a small risk of making my birth experience different from what I hoped it would be. (A birth experience, by the way, which will almost certainly be different in some way from what I hoped it would be, since these things are complicated and entirely unpredictable.) 

My mom says: Wow. I just think you have the BEST doctors. I don’t think they tested us for anything like that. You are so lucky that they’re thinking of everything, and keeping you and the baby safe no matter what happens.


The longer I live (and the more I study this psychology stuff) the more I realize how important positive framing is to health and happiness. I SHOULD think more like my mom. I SHOULD get a better perspective. I’m a healthy woman living in an affluent country. I have great health insurance. I’m being taken care of by some of the best doctors in the country and delivering at one of the safest hospitals in the world. It’s so easy to forget how privileged we are and to get hung up on stuff that - while important (I’m not diminishing the reality of how traumatic I’m sure a bad birth experience can be) - is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. 


Two job apps in today instead of my usual one. You can get lots done when you don’t commute anywhere and don’t talk to anyone all day! But it was too much. I think my eyes are crossed.

Also, guess what. Today I saw this man catcalling a woman, and it delayed him just long enough that he didn’t cross the street in time and missed the bus he was waiting for. Sweet justice.